Versatile Sausage Season Blend :: For Use In Breakfast Sausage And To Season Stir Frys, Soups, Wraps, & Dips!
This seasoning blend is one of my favorite, and I use it almost weekly. Years ago I nailed down this recipe when I wanted to save a little bit of money making my own breakfast sausage. Our local farmer makes incredible ground sausage, but they also sell plain ground pork at a cheaper price. And when you are watching your pennies, it just makes sense to figure out your own seasoning blend and mix up your own. Too easy!

Versatile Sausage Season Blend :: For Use In Breakfast Sausage And To Season Stir Frys, Soups, Wraps, & Dips!

I make a 2 pound batch of breakfast sausage and freeze into patties every few weeks. They pull out of the freezer so easy to fry up with the rest of your breakfast!

Versatile Sausage Season Blend :: For Use In Breakfast Sausage And To Season Stir Frys, Soups, Wraps, & Dips!

But this blend can be used for so much more than just breakfast! We went through a period of time where we had a very tight meat budget. A couple times a week we would eat meatless for the day to save, and I started using this seasoning blend to give my soups and stir fries a bit more of a “meaty” flavor. My husband especially is quite the meat eater, so to make a bean soup taste like there is some sausage in there, or give a veggie stir fry a bit more zing, this blend is so good!

Versatile Sausage Season Blend :: For Use In Breakfast Sausage And To Season Stir Frys, Soups, Wraps, & Dips!

I hope your family loves it as much as mine! Make it as is at first and then tailor the blend to your family’s taste!

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  1. Combine all ingredients well in a medium mixing bowl using your hands, and form into patties.
  2. At this point you may either cook them off in some butter or coconut oil, OR you can lay them out flat on parchment paper lined baking sheets to freeze. Once frozen you can pull them off into freezer bags to store flat in the freezer.
  3. To use the frozen patties just pull out the night before to thaw and then cook in butter or coconut oil. I have put them straight into the pan from the frozen state and this works – just go lower with the heat to unthaw them gently and ensure they don’t brown too much on the outside before the inside is cooked all the way.


  • Mix up the sausage season blend in an empty spice container, and keep in your spice drawer.
  • Use 1-2 tsp for a pot of soup or pan of stir fry to your taste.


  • Mix up the sausage season blend and store in an empty container that has a shaker top so you can sprinkle the blend to taste into a dip or on your wrap.

Let me know how you end up using it!

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  1. I love spice blends! It makes life easier when you don’t have to get out 10 jars to cook 😛 That being said we don’t use much “spice” at all since my daughter can’t handle much besides salt. I should come up with a similar blend, but an extreme mild version 🙂 I bet your sausages taste great!!

    1. Oh good Mary! I would just freak if I couldn’t season stuff LOL! I hope your daughter likes it – definitely calm down the amounts for her – maybe even just half everything? I don’t feel it is super spicy – Claire likes anything spicey but Chloe is more sensitive to heat and she loves this sausage 😉

      1. I don’t put pepper in/on anything she eats. She’ll have to guzzle milk after every bite if I do 😛 Sometimes even just a little garlic powder is “spicy” for her. She’s so sensitive.

  2. I’ve been looking for a sausage seasoning I could use with grassfed beef since my kids don’t like the texture of sausage and this looks perfect!

    1. Hi Anna! Yes! If you are concerned it would be too much you can always back off a bit the first time you make it and then go from there! My girls will eat it this way and they aren’t super huge fans of very spicy things so I think it should work for most anyone.

    1. Hi Rayneisha 🙂 I have tried making it with beef before and it just doesn’t taste the same to me – but being that you don’t eat pork it may taste totally fine to you! Another option would be to make it turkey sausage with ground turkey.

  3. This has been our go to sausage recipe for the past year. My family absolutely loves it. I have 2 year old and a 5 year old. The only modification we make is using half the amount of cayenne. Not too spicy at all for the tinys!

  4. I keep coming back to this one! I love using the blend with ground turkey for morning hash with sweet potatoes and apples!