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Elderberry Popsicles
I know I already posted some popsicle ideas a couple weeks back, but I thought I would focus in a little bit on how to use popsicles when you have little ones that are either ill, coming down with something, or have been around illness at school.

These elderberry popsicles are great because you can cater the recipe to how your little one is feeling. At the height of illness, when she doesn’t want to eat or drink much, they can be made as bland as possible while still hydrating and getting the virus zapping elderberries in. If he doesn’t have a full blown illness, but is either just a bit run down or has been around some cold or flu at school or the library, they can be made with very nutrient dense ingredients as if almost a smoothie.

Elderberry Popsicles
It is important to listen to the body. Letting their bodies use their energy to fight off illness instead of digest food is important. They obviously still need to stay hydrated though, so using a popsicle during fever can be helpful when they don’t feel like drinking.

Elderberries are well known for their immune boosting properties specifically against viruses like the cold and flu. Elderberry syrup packs a powerful punch of immune system support!

Elderberry Popsicles
Grab some popsicle molds for little hands or bigger popsicle molds for older kids and have fun making some summertime popsicles this month, and then keep them on hand for this fall to make immune boosting elderberry popsicles!

BLANDER VERSION FOR THE HEIGHT OF ILLNESS (Blend and freeze in molds. Makes about 6-7 popsicles):
2 cups coconut water or water
1/3 cup elderberry syrup
Juice of ½ lemon
2-4 TB raw honey
¼ tsp sea salt
Optional immune boosting supplements – quality sourced vitamin C and/or quality probiotic

NUTRIENT DENSE VERSION FOR FEELING RUN DOWN OR PREVENTATIVE MEASURES (Blend and freeze in molds. Makes about 6-7 popsicles):
1 ½ cups blueberries
¼ cup elderberry syrup
½ cup water or coconut water
3-4 pastured egg yolks (Optional if you don’t tolerate egg. 1-2 TB of coconut oil would be a good idea for a friendly fat in the popsicle)
¼ cup cold soluable grassfed collagen (optional – this is a great grassfed protein source – also very good for gut health!)
Optional immune boosting supplements – quality sourced vitamin C and/or quality probiotic


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  1. This is such a great idea. I think this is an important thing to have on hand either to take the syrup directly or to make into popsicles. I love the way you have multiple recipes depending on what phase of illness/healing you are in. I will definitely be trying this.

  2. Awesome electrolytes recipe I endure neede, because I got dehydrated with medications to get rid of my cold & sinuses,thanks.