20 Non Candy Valentine Gift Ideas For The Classroom
Ok, so I think by this point in the school year, they have had enough.

You know…the candy thing.

Between birthday celebrations (times 20+ kids in a room), to Halloween, Thanksgiving parties, Holiday celebrations, and 100 days of school awards, I think it is safe to say they don’t really need any more candy.

And it isn’t to take away all of their fun. I actually love Valentine’s Day – I remember being excited about it in school, and I think it is a fun day to break up the winter blah’s that February can bring!

But to be honest, this is the time of year to be building their immune system, not tearing it down with more sugar.

I am in no way a certified teacher, but if it were up to me, I would not choose to have a room full of children hopped up on sugar and spinning around the classroom on red 40 dyes. (And as a parent, I do not care to come pick up my child from school only to have the sugar crash at home and deal with the behavior issues that ensue from the dyes).

So here are some non candy ideas to get your wheels turning. I say get your wheels turning, because let me tell you…I have the ideas for the non candy items, but I am not, I repeat, I am *not*, a crafty DIY’er. I will probably be having Chloe slide a sticker or 2 in her store bought Valentine’s cards. If you are the crafty type, I encourage you to hop on pintrest and see how really fun you can dress up these ideas – I was perusing just the other day to try to be inspired to craft and I saw some really cute ideas!

Most of these ideas you can find at dollar stores, party stores, or party sections in your local store. To be honest (and this probably ages me), I came from the time when you just gave the store bought Rainbow Bright valentine card and called it good. I would totally still be up for that, but alas…kids these days expect “something” with the card…that is a whole other post though 😉

20 Non Candy Valentine Gift Ideas For The Classroom

small tubs of play-doh or silly putty
pencil toppers
crayon shapes
lip balm
small word search puzzles or mazes
small pack of crayons with small scratch pad
temporary tattoos
seed packets (wild flower mixes, forget me nots, etc)
friendship bracelets
bouncy balls
crazy straws
eraser toppers or shapes
chalk or sidewalk chalk
balloon (not inflated)

Tell me if I left anything out! What have you sent along as a non candy Valentine’s gift for the classroom?

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  1. Love these ideas. I agree that we need to be boosting our immune systems with healthy foods this time of year. I wish the V Day parties could JUST be apples, carrots, broccoli, and other healthy foods instead of all the candy. Or some of the fun HEALTHY candies that you and other bloggers post recipes for (elderberry gummy hearts, anyone?). It’s such an uphill battle in public schools especially…

  2. I’m so glad my kids are not in secondary schools anymore. Those valentine candies were a nightmare; just when you thought you got rid of last year’s Halloween candies, you get hit with V-Day candies. I always loved non-candy ideas!

  3. I love the small word search puzzles and all your ideas. It’s so true: it’s not because we want to take away their fun. Just reinventing the holiday is so great; thanks!!! So inspiring and helpful! 🙂

  4. I love these ideas and appreciate you taking the time to put this together. My daughter’s class only allows homemade cards, although last year someone snuck some candy in one of them and that’s not supposed to happen. Sigh.

  5. As hard as I’ve tried to fight the candy-holiday connection, we still manage to end up with so much candy (we don’t buy it … it’s given to us from well-meaning friends and family). I cannot thank you enough for sharing this post. Saving my life!!! 🙂

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