Getting Started with Using Natural Remedies & A Review of The Book Natural Remedies For KidsThis post is a review for the book Natural Remedies for Kids. I was given the book for review purposes and to compensate for my time – please know that I never recommend products that I wouldn’t use on my own family. There are affiliate links for the book in this post – it does not make the price any different for you, but helps keep the information on this blog free to you!

There was something about that first time I became pregnant that brought this raw, protective momma bear instinct out in me. I was always intrigued by naturally going about health related issues, but was rather laid back in studying too much into things. While I definitely did my research about certain health topics, I never really gave too much thought to simple things like a common cold, skin rashes, or bug bites.

But the first time one of my kids got a simple cold I stood in the pharmacy isle at the store completely overwhelmed, and there was something about those ingredient labels that sent big fat red flags up in my momma bear head.

Motherhood has a way of throwing you into research and learning with both feet first doesn’t it? From that day on I started looking more into how to avoid modern chemicals in products and fell in love with how simple ingredients found right in nature were created for the purpose of balancing, healing, and soothing.

Here are a few tips if you are getting started with using natural remedies in your home ::

  1. Start small. Don’t go broke buying every herb on the planet all at once, or seeing one article go out and buy everything. Pick one or two things thing commonly hit your home – say maybe the common cold, and allergies and try things out from there.
  2. Give it time. Some natural remedies do in fact heal or soothe super fast. However some work with your body to help heal more naturally. We have become quite the instant gratification society with our meds that kill a headache in 10 minutes. Let nature work it’s magic over time. Sometimes those little things like a cold or flu are our body telling us it is time to rest. Getting better in a day isn’t doing your body any favors when the illness was really meant to make your body rest in the first place.
  3. Don’t give up. Just like most things, what works for some doesn’t work for everyone all the time. There is usually more than one way to approach things. Be patient and give things some time, and if it doesn’t feel right try another.

While I am 3 kids into this thing now and have first hand seen the benefits of natural remedies with my own eyes, I most definitely am still a natural remedy “newbie” – I still have to look things up when a new ailment happens in my home. I still have to brush up and remind myself what certain herbs or tactics work best for this or that.

Getting Started with Using Natural Remedies & A Review of The Book Natural Remedies For KidsWhich is why I was super excited to get my hands on the new book Natural Remedies for Kids! I need something quick that I can pull off my shelf and easily read when I have something new to tackle! My friend Kate Tietje who blogs at Modern Alternative Momma, is an experienced momma of *5* naturally raised kids. With that many pitter pattering feet running around, you bet she has pretty much seen it all! She wrote the book in collaboration with Dr Bob Zajac, M.D. and throughout the book there are easy to find “Dr Bob Says” sections with very informative tidbits.

Getting Started with Using Natural Remedies & A Review of The Book Natural Remedies For KidsNatural Remedies for Kids is a comprehensive guide to just about any remedy and treatment known to childhood! It is so easy to read. I am not an herbalist. In fact sometimes herbal books get really overwhelming to me shooting right over my head. This book is very well laid out with sections that describe what the ailments actually are, how it happens, and how it is best treated, soothed, or remedied. Better yet, the ingredients are all easy to find.

Natural Remedies for Kids is on **SALE** now on Amazon – over 40% off so grab it up!

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  1. This looks like an awesome book! Many times you can’t even use over the counter products anyways because or the age requirement (or weight). I have two young girls who don’t meet the age requirements for many meds. Thankfully they haven’t gotten sick many times, but with my oldest starting preschool in a couple weeks I’m sure this book will coming in handy.

  2. Just ordered through your link! We are lucky/blessed to be able to bring our little guy to Dr. Bob and his staff at New Kingdom Healthcare. They are a truly wonderful clinic and I’m so excited to get my hands on this book. Your blog is so inspirational (both emotionally and foodwise) and I absolutely love your breakfast and lunch pictures that you post on IG. Thanks so much!