Years and years on my heart to write, and over a year in the making, Nourished Beginnings is now available or purchase!

Nourished Beginnings Baby Food ::Nutrient-Dense Recipes for Infants, Toddlers and Beyond Inspired by Ancient Wisdom and Traditional Foods

Growing broad taste palates for nutrient dense real food really is possible!

My three girls are living proof that serving simple, real food during those mold-able months and early years will reward you with toddlers and big kids that don’t bat an eye to a plate full of mineral rich vegetables, and brain boosting, nutrient dense food.

Nourished Beginnings is my simple, no fuss approach to feeding babies a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, and fats – without spending all day in the kitchen. I will walk you through safe foods to start for baby’s developing digestive system, while nourishing their growing brains and bodies. Simple tastes of nutrient dense food as they explore the family flavors in the beginning will develop into full toddler meals that nourish rapidly growing bodies.

Nourished Beginnings Baby Food ::Nutrient-Dense Recipes for Infants, Toddlers and Beyond Inspired by Ancient Wisdom and Traditional Foods

More than just a baby food book, this traditional foods focused cookbook will grow with your baby.

These recipes are truly the heart of my home. They have been the center of my kitchen for the last 8 years…when I had my first baby. The Nourishing Pea Soup grows from babyhood to the school lunch thermoses. Baby’s First Smoothie grows into Tropical Green Smoothies they will thrive on as a teen. Nourishing baby with beef, chicken, and fish purees with nutrient dense add-ins will train their palates to enjoy a grassfed roast for Sunday dinner and fresh salmon fillets on a weeknight. Let me show you how to introduce brain boosting egg yolks, cod liver oil, and fish without fuss so that they will love and even crave them as big kids.

My biggest goal is to show you how to make a nourishing meal for the whole family to enjoy – from the babies to the teens.

What others are saying!

Nourished Beginnings Baby Food should be in every new parent’s kitchen! Renee brings food back to the basics in a way that will not only provide your child with the nutrients they need to thrive, but also help train them to love whole foods in a way nature intended.”
―Amy Roskelley, co-owner of Super Healthy Kids

Nourished Beginnings Baby Food delivers approachable, inspired recipes enveloped in practical, grounded guidance that’s otherwise missing in the dialogue on first foods. Renee Kohley shows you not only how to optimally nourish your children as they begin solid foods, but many of her recipes will likely become favorites for the whole family.”
―Jennifer McGruther, author of The Nourished Kitchen

“When it comes to elegantly simple recipes proven to be both nourishing and delicious, Renee positively shines. The simple ingredients and flavors are sure to be a hit in my home as well as others. Five stars!”
―Jill Winger, creator of The Prairie Homestead

“Renee’s book is just what our world needs. Almost all of the common diseases afflicting our children (and adults) today have a root in poor nutrition. Starting our children off right, from the very start, is going to be key to their long-term health, and Renee shows us how to prepare nutrient-dense foods that even the pickiest eaters will like. This book is not just for new parents. It’s for ALL parents.”
―Jessica Espinoza, creator of and

“In Nourished Beginnings Baby Food, Renee offers an invaluable resource of approachable family recipes to help your family confidently lay a nourishing foundation for a balanced and practical real-food lifestyle.”
―Kristin Marr, creator of Live Simply

“Renee’s Nourished Beginnings is an absolute must-have in any parent’s library. She teaches you how to get your children hooked on real, nutrient-dense, traditional foods no matter their age, with a special focus on making every bite count for babies and toddlers. This is especially helpful for new moms or otherwise busy parents who want to feed their children the best food possible made from whole ingredients.”
―Amanda Torres, MS, creator of The Curious Coconut

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